DAY 1 : Friday 11th November 2022

  • Session 1 : Communication system and Data processing (1)

    • Efficient energy consumption of IoT network security based on Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography and Hash Function Mohammed Sbai El Idrissi, Yves Frédéric Ebobissé Djéné, Pierre-Martin Tardif and Brahim El-Bhiri
    • Moroccan sentiment classification based on DarijaBERT and stacking deep learning model Nassera Habbat, Houda Anoun, Larbi Hassouni and Hicham Nouri
    • Scene Text Recognition in Natural Images Abdessamad Ayad, Habib Ayad and Abdellah Adib
    • Analysis of a Symmetrical Planar Structure formed by Stepped Penta-Mode Resonator for Designing Filters with Multi-band Response Maroua Firmli and Abdelkarim Zatni
    • A Twofold Encryption Scheme to Secure IoT based Smart Grid System Ismail El Gaabouri, Mohamed Senhadji, Mostafa Belkasmi and Brahim Elbhiri

  • Session 2 : Materials and Smart building (1)
  • Session 3 : Materials and Smart building (2)
  • Session 4 : Communication system and Data processing (2)
  • Session 5 : Materials and Smart building (3)
  • Session 6 : Renewable and Sustainable Energies (1)

DAY 2 : Saturday 12th November 2022

  • Session 7 : Materials and Smart building (4)

    • Numerical simulation of fatigue delamination growth of adhesively-bonded pultruded GFRP Double Cantilever Beam Joints under Mode I loading Dan Wang, Jielin Liu, Qinglin Gao, Ayman Mosallam and Haohui Xin
    • Simulating the Vehicle Fire Exposure to Suspension Bridge Tower Under Different Wind Conditions Sara Mostofi and Ahmet Can Altunsik
    • A Review for the Flexure Behavior of Geopolymer Reinforced Concrete Beams Ashraf M. Ali, Nehal M. Ayash, Mostafa A. Osman, Ahmed Deifalla and Hala Mamdouh
    • Evaluation of Damage Caused by Soil Settlements in a Historical Masonry Building Ali Fuat Genç, Esin Ertürk and Ahmet Can Altunsik
    • Assessment of Compression Design of CFST Ibrahim Sayed Hussein Fattouh, Mona M. Fawzy, Fatouh Mohamed Shaker, Gouda M. Ghanem and Ahmed Deifalla

  • Session 8 : Renewable and Sustainable Energies (2)
  • Session 9 : Materials and Smart building (5)
  • Session 10 : Smart and Sustainable cities
  • Session 11 : Industry and smart Factory

WORKSHOPS : Saturday 12th November 2022

  • IWDPESD'22

    • A review of techniques and approaches used in recommendation system Saida AIT SAID, Amal BATTOU and Hassan BOUSNGUAR
    • Proposal of an OT/IT data architecture design to support digital transition of industrial companies Kossai FAKIR, Chouaib ENNAWAOUI and Mahmoud EL MOUDEN
    • Territorial attractiveness: Far from the Economic Heart Far from Media Coverage Ilyes BOUMAHDI and Nouzha ZAOUJAL
    • Machine learning applications in Supply Chain Management: An exploratory literature review Samia HAMAN, Aniss MOUMEN, Brahim EL BHIRI and Younes EL BOUZEKRI EL IDRISSI
    • Analysis of the Moroccan productive structure for the targeting of the economic vocation Khalil BOUROUIS, Abdellali FADLALLAH and Nouzha ZAOUJAL

  • DTSIS’22



Pr. Brahim El Bhiri
Angles Rues Zerhoun, Ejoukak and Ait Brahim
Souissi, Rabat, Morocco


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